*NEW POST* coming this afternoon……. My 2nd instalment, our first trimester.

For now:

Its wet, windy and cold outside!. It got me thinking…….

What do you all do with your little ones on days like today??

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  1. Mel Reid Reply

    We’ve got to take ours holiday clothes shopping ? Wish us luck! We didn’t even manage to make it out the door yesterday ?

    • Steven Reply

      ?? good luck!!! X

  2. Laura Reply

    We bring them round yours and let the pets entertain them.

  3. Max Reply

    you will learn to love (and hate in equal measures) all the fun and excitement of indoor play areas!! Who’d have thought a trampoline park could be the perfect place to visit on a Sunday afternoon! Failing that, just get them even wetter in waterproofs at the beach or stay home in front of your fire reading stories or get in kitchen and teach them to cook! You are going to have a ball (and probably pull your hair out in equal measures too) lots of love, xxx

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