Second Time Lucky

SO… Here we are, Again. Sat in a room equally as small, windowless, warm and brightly lit. A different room to last time nonetheless. Was this a conscious act of consideration on their part, probably not? We were clutching at straws when it came to keeping composure and...
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Chronological Chaos

SO Sheila wasn’t wrong. Shortly after we spoke on what will forever be ‘that Wednesday’ the requests for information started. They came thick and fast, relentless and all consuming. Sheila had forewarned me that she was certain this would be the part I would...
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*New Post Alert*

*NEW POST* coming this afternoon……. My 2nd instalment, our first trimester. For now: Its wet, windy and cold outside!. It got me thinking……. What do you all do with your little ones on days like today??
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