SO…….Im Steven……. a 33 year old, tattooed, gay, wannabe parent, LGBT adopter, business owner:

coif|fure’er [kwɑːˈfjʊə, kwɒˈfjʊə]

NOUN a person’s hairstyle.
“Diana’s intricately braided coiffure”
synonyms: haircut · cut · style · hair · coiffure · hairdo · do · coif

Bi product of the 80’s an (unplanned) 80’s baby, a 90’s teenager and a millenial sub-adult.

The one thing thats followed me through out my some what ‘colourful’  life ( stories and chronologies to follow at later dates ) was the desire to be a parent, an adopter, someone who could offer more than what my imagined child/ren had been offered so far.

This all came crashing down around me at then tender age of 14 when my deeply concerned mum believed she was acting in my best interest, she was concerned for my well being, so she did the unthinkable but all to common. SHE READ MY DIARY. My sanctuary, my journal of my confused state of mind, to discover her son was:

gay [ɡeɪ]

(of a person, especially a man) homosexual.

synonyms: gay · lesbian · sapphic · lesbigay · [More]

light-hearted and carefree:
“Nan had a gay disposition and a very pretty face”
synonyms: cheerful · cheery · merry · jolly · light-hearted · mirthful · [More]

brightly coloured; showy:
“a gay profusion of purple and pink sweet peas”

synonyms: bright · brightly coloured · vivid · brilliant · rich · vibrant · [More]


a homosexual, especially a man.
synonyms: homosexual · lesbian · sapphic · lesbigay · [More]

I was questioned for hours over the dining table on subjects that mothers should never question their sons on, namely what i thought of during my “private time” and if i wanted to live as a boy or a girl, the very table not 24 hours earlier we had our family sit down dinner at whilst discussing the days events, little did i know…..little did they know. Mum did this Namely to provide her with certainty that i fitted safely within the box that society said i should fit into with such thoughts and desires. Confidently being able to give me the correct label. She sought comfort in this title as this explained my…reclusive nature, my depressive mood, my lack of interest in P.E, now i understand and mum, THANK YOU.

So here i am now……….33 y/o married and in the throws of being approved to become adoptive parents with my husband!  The two things i had dreamed of but laws stated otherwise.

We’ve been together for 7.5 years now, we moved, we’ve grown, we’ve laughed we’ve cried, we’ve been self indulgent, we’ve travelled, we’ve been selfless and selfish, we’ve worked hard all to get to NOW.

Now is a place and time that will enable us to create the very ‘thing’ we spoke about on our first date, the unquestionable urge to become parents and become a:

fam¦ily [ˈfamɪli, ˈfam(ə)li]


a group consisting of two parents and their children living together as a unit.
“she moved in with her boyfriend’s family” · [More]

synonyms: household · ménage · nuclear family · brood


designed to be suitable for children as well as adults:
“a family newspaper”

SO  I’m writing this blog to share our experiences of this journey that we are on, the journey into parenthood, and all of its intricate beauties.

Im writing this for our child/ren that are out there now….. Know you are loved and take comfort in our arms when you reach for them! x

Love Daddies

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